As when, where and how we work shifts over the next decade, Generation Alpha will be emerging into the workforce at a time when wellbeing will be at the top of the agenda. Even over the last few years it is clear that the topic of wellbeing is one that has resonated very strongly as a rapidly rising issue.

Our worker survey showed wellbeing to be the number one workplace issue, with 72% of workers saying it is extremely or very important to them, ranked above sixteen other workplace components. Among the emerging generations, there is an expectation that all aspects of their life will provide the opportunity to thrive, and therefore less tolerance for workplaces and organisations that hinder wellbeing.

Corporations are now employing wellbeing managers and many city buildings have office concierges. More recently, devices and apps are focussing on furthering human wellbeing and flourishing, and this will be even more the case for Generation Alpha, translating to their expectations of the workplace.

After a decade of digital disruption and increasing velocity of change, the 2020s will mark a decade of seeking simplicity and personalisation of the services we engage with. In a world of screen saturation, 24/7 expectations and always-on technologies, the decade ahead will see people not so much turn technology off, but to turning on apps and solutions to make life function more efficiently and enhance their wellbeing. More than just an extension of the outsourcing trend, consumers will pay a premium for simplicity and services that are customised to their unique priorities and preferences.