The new challenges for parents of Generation Alpha centre on watching out for screen addiction, cyberbullying and the management of child-friendly content. While parents have some unique challenges, it is encouraging to remember the Millennial parents of Generation Alpha have themselves been shaped in the digital world, so are better equipped to manage these complexities. It is also important for parents to remember that despite seemingly overt differences, some basic dynamics between parents and children are timeless.

For 21st century parents, the input of their own parents and the sage advice of grandparents have never been more important. The role of grandparents has significantly stepped up in our society as they play important roles in the lives of Generation Alphas. Baby Boomers have a depth of life experience and knowledge they can instil in their grandkids to stay connected in their lives. Grandparents now also take on a larger caring role as Generation Alphas parents, the Generation Ys, are working more.

Generation Alpha are looking to parents and leaders for guidance. Parents need to give Generation Alpha confidence, as many young people face insecurities and mental health issues about an uncertain future that is constantly being painted for them.

Parents should encourage Generation Alpha to invest in the future. By investing in training and education in both life skills and people skills, Generation Alpha can remain relevant and have the confidence to move forward.