The generation experts

We’re delighted to present world-class experts on these global generations. Our speakers are not only experienced Generation Alpha researchers and authors of numerous generational publications and reports, but they are professional presenters. Whether you are looking for a keynote address at national conference, an onsite professional development workshop, or a strategy briefing for senior leaders, our presenters have the experience to ensure your event is a success.

McCrindle Speakers Website

Mark McCrindle

Mark McCrindle is a demographer and social researcher, best-selling author, TEDx speaker and Principal of McCrindle Research. He is the author of three books on emerging trends and social change. He coined the label: Generation Alpha, and is regarded as an international authority on Generation Alpha.

Ashley Fell

Ashley Fell is a social researcher, TEDx speaker and Director of Communications at the internationally recognised McCrindle. As a trends analyst she understands the need to communicate with them. She is co-author of the book Generation Alpha and regarded as a leading expert and media commentator on Generation Alpha.