To learn about Generation Alpha, we can look at the current 8 to 12-year-old market segment. We call them tweens, those aged 8 to 12, who are “in-between” childhood and adolescence. Current tweens, a mix of Generation Alpha and Generation Z (the children of Generation X), have emerged as their own demographic, and are now seen as brand influencers, a consumer segment, and a target market.

Social media has been integral to the development of tween identity. Many tweens are actively engaging on sites, uploading their own YouTube videos and connecting with friends on Facebook. Many websites are targeted specifically at this demographic. Tweens can create virtual pets, play dress-up, and interact online with other people their age.

The relatively new world of ‘tweendom’ is evidence of the ‘upageing’ (growing up faster and at a younger age) of today’s emerging generations. These young people have access to more technology, information, and external influences than any generation before them.