The outlook for Generation Alpha is positive, even amidst so much change. We are talking about a generation that will live longer, work later, will be more formally educated, materially endowed and globally, will be the wealthiest generation to date.

Every generation is a reaction to the one that came before it. The Baby Boomers were the protest generation; radical, started careers young and climbed the ladder early. Millennials were quite the opposite; conservative in some ways and more risk averse. While the Baby Boomers were the free-range kid approach, the Millennials were very structured and planned.

When we compare Millennials to Alphas, we predict that the Alphas will have children earlier than their parents, with a biological limit to the rising age of first birth of parents, will we see a higher fertility rate for the Alphas, meaning a younger age of parents. We can also expect Generation Alpha to seek out both a family and a career, even more than their Millennial parents have.